Switch to a different invoice, start a new one, or change invoice settings.


gitime invoice [-h] [-n] [-r [RATE]] [-o [ROUNDING]] [-l] [name]


Invoices are used to store a log of your commit messages, commit dates, and hours worked.



The name of the invoice


–new, -n

Create a new invoice, and make it the active invoice where future commits are sent. Without this option, if you give a name that does not match any existing invoice, you will be asked if you want to make a new one.

–rate [RATE], -r [RATE]

Set the hourly rate in dollars to be used on the invoice specified by name.

–round [ROUNDING], –rounding [ROUNDING], -o [ROUNDING]

Choose how to round hours worked on the invoice specified by name. This defaults to the nearest quarter hour. For example, 2.71 hours will be rounded to 3 hours. If this setting is set to 0.5, 2.71 hours rounds to 2.5 hours.

–list, -l

Display a list of all your invoices.

–help, -h

Display a help message.